Ah, co za Polak! Podroz w czasie

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Ah, co za Polak! Podroz w czasie

Postprzez mimpromptu So, 26.02.2011 15:16

Oh, what a Pole!
A journey in time

There lived once upon a time Copernicus
Not likely to ever have sipped hibiscus.
He made the whole world go round
Revealing spheres we know now abound.

Wouldn’t you say Copernicus was bright
Bringing space workings for us to light?
On mysteries previously in cauldrons hid
Lifting the lid, that’s what he did.

Turning the earth flat into a globe
As now accepted human abode.
And so we float in the universe here
Producing pearls like those of Shakespeare.
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Dołączył(a): So, 26.09.2009 08:18

Re: Ah, co za Polak! Podroz w czasie

Postprzez dersak Wt, 15.09.2015 10:04

a tak po polsku?
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Dołączył(a): Śr, 09.09.2015 12:07

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