How To Swap Jokers

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How To Swap Jokers

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How To Swap Jokers When a player has played his first combination, he can exchange cards from his hand for pg slot โปรโมชั่น jokers on the table. For example, a player has ♠ 6 ♥ 6J, and if a player has the card represented by the joker, here the ♣ 6 or ♦ 6, he can swap the joker for this card. Also, the joker must be used immediately in a new meld as it is not simply added to the player’s hand. So, you are not allowed to keep joker in your hand. Also, player are allowed to make figures by using the joker cards. Joker are basically wildcards that players can use to represent any other card; For example: ♣ B– ♣ D – Joker– ♣ A or ♠ 6– ♥ 6 – Joker. Note that players who has just one natural card and two jokers cannot build a piece.
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